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Marduk’s Viktoria:

This album is great!  Takes off right from the start with a powerful energetic musical kick in the face.  There is never a dull moment throughout this album.  From greeting to departure and everything in between is full force metal at its best. Burrowed within you will find a couple of catchy melodic tunes that’ll fill your skull.  Personally, the song that stuck to me right away is “Silent Night”.  It snuck up on me through my headphones and it is a journey all on its own with its magnetic effect when it kicks in.  It is what I would refer to if I had to describe a creepy Halloween vibe using music. With it it brought a dark visual setting as the song carried me on.  The sound is omnipresent in this album in its entirety. If you are awaiting the loud heavy thrill ride sound Marduk is known for you will not be disappointed! 

-RockElle Smith

Co-Host of Mike Trejo’s Access Unlimited TV &

President of RockElle’s MidKnight Metal Mag @ www.facebook.com/midknightmetalmag