Country Roots Farm
CSA Program
(Community Supported Agriculture)
A Bit About The Farm  
Country Roots Farm is located on the St. Charles Mesa in the Arkansas River Valley. This area is known for its rich, fertile soil that grows some of the state's best produce.  This farm was homesteaded in the 1890's, our farming experience began in 1993.  Diversified produce, cover crops, and compost maintain our fertile soil and promote a healthy environment.
*Please Note That We Do Not and Will Not Grow Any Type of GMO (genetically modified organism) Crop On Our Farm*
    Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) found its way to the United Sates in 1985 with the intention of fostering social and ecological responsibility by establishing a relationship between farmers and consumers.  As members, they share risks and rewards with farmers and enjoy a sense of responsibility for appropriate land stewardship by consuming produce that has been grown through regenerative practices.  Members of this program pay a seasonal fee and receive shares of food produced while at the same time are welcome to join in farm activities, which include harvesting, animal care, etc.
Visiting The Farm
Please let us know if you'd like to visit our farm ahead of time.  Saturday's are usually best once the season begins, if you wish to visit before/after the season; please call ahead of time and we can make arrangements.  Thank You!   
Here Are Some of the Common and Not So Common Vegetables You May Receive:
Green Beans, Red Beets, Chioggia Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Sweet Corn (yellow, white, and bi-color), Lemon Cucumbers, Slicer Cucumbers, Garlic, Lettuce, Onions, Oriental Greens, Bell Peppers, Chile's,Tomatoes, Radishes, Rutabagas/Turnips, Summer Squash,  Swiss Chard, Heirloom Melons,Winter Squash.
Herbs:  Dill, Italian Basil, Lemon Basil, Cilantro
Please note that we may purchase some produce 
from other "local farmers" who specialize in specific 
produce we are unable to grow, i.e. potatoes.
Bulk Vegetables and Fruit
We will have bulk vegetables and fruit available at different times. Please Inquire. 

Country Roots Farm CSA Prices

Payment Policy
A $50 deposit is required by March 17th, 2008.  The balance is paid upon receipt of the first produce drop off, unless a prior agreement is reached by the "Farmer" and "Member".  Thank You.

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Other Country Roots Farm Information

Early Signup Bonus
It is truly appreciated when CSA Members sign up early, it allows us to plan seed, and water purchases along with estimating the amount of  transplants for this season.  If you sign up by sending in your $50 deposit, or full payment, you will save $10 towards the El Grande' Share, $10 towards a Full Share and $5 towards the Individual Share. 

Here is another way to decrease your cost

Referral Bonus
If  you know of family, friends, neighbors and/or groups who would benefit and enjoy our CSA Program, please tell them about us.  For each El Grande' Share or Full Share that you refer to us (and they sign up), we will discount your membership fee and theirs by $10.  If a referral signs up for an Individual Share, we will discount your share and theirs by $5.  At this time there is not a limit to the number of referrals.  Please do not refer current members for a referral bonus.
Free-Range Eggs
Eggs are not part of the CSA Share, but can be purchased at an additional cost.  We are quite proud of these "special eggs".  


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