WE offer a wide - range of fresh produce.  From fresh cut basil to Tomatoes ( with Flavor!) to Lemon Cucumbers to Moon & Stars Watermelon.

We take pride and delight in growing "Heirloom Vegetables " for you.  These varieties were grown at a time when vegetables were not shipped 1 & 2 thousand mile, they were grown for local people and local markets.  This food is alive with taste and nutrition (best eaten within 4-5 days of purchase) and not meant to last on the shelf for weeks at a time like grocery store varieties that have been bred and developed.  Grocery store varieties are not bred and developed for taste like ours, but instead they are grown to last for weeks on the shelves and to fit certain box sizes for  shipping.

Ask yourself, how many miles did your lettuce or tomato travel to get to your plate.  Local food for local peoples is best!

All our produce is Certified Naturally Grown ( please see Links page )  We do not grow any GMO ( genetically modified organism ) crops, or use synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers.



                Garlic Ready For Curing 

000_0020.jpg (686654 bytes)Green Beans  000_0022.jpg (689056 bytes)Summer Squash Surprise

000_0023.jpg (663648 bytes)Heirloom Carrots & Beets 100_9983.jpg (720858 bytes)Lotsa' Squash 

Patty Pans Heirloom Garlic : Music Pink

101_0060.jpg (761994 bytes) Holes for Garlic Seed 101_0061.jpg (808932 bytes) 1Clove / 1 Hole

101_0064.jpg (756170 bytes) Makin Holes Contraption 101_0062.jpg (779482 bytes) Only 12 Buckets to go!

100_9990.jpg (708256 bytes) Ananas Noire Tomato   100_9987.jpg (713354 bytes) Nyagous Tomato

100_9985.jpg (695234 bytes) Vintage Wine Tomato 

 100_9991.jpg (720648 bytes) Greenhouse Tomatoes (grown in Soil!)

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